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Filter fan units of different dimensions are used in a variety of cleanroom technology applications. These filter-circulation devices are used primarily in cleanrooms, cleanroom booths and cleanroom tents. Filter fan units are also often installed in mini environments, flow boxes and a variety of cleanroom-specific special solutions, be it for creating a vertical or a horizontal flow of ultra-pure air.

BMF Cleanroom Technology (BMF Reinraumtechnik GmbH) is an experienced and certified manufacturer of cleanroom infrastructure. Our portfolio includes not only cleanroom booths in a modular design but also all kinds of installations and cleanroom components.

Our TC 350 EC 1157 Filter Fan Unit is a quality product manufactured in our Reutlingen production facility that was developed based on years of experience in cleanrooms with turbulent mixed aeration or laminar displacement flow.  The core element of the unit is a modern, smooth and quiet DC motor from German manufacturer Ziehl Abegg, controlled via a 0-10 Volt interface. The integrated power supply allows for problem-free individual control or managing with group controllers.  The TC 350 EC 1157 casing is made from robust aluminium, the low weight allows for easy and effortless installation. The filter fan unit fits into all BMF cleanroom ceilings and is compatible with a number of other ceilings.

Technical data:

The performance data relate to a standard H14 filter with an initial pressure of 120 Pa and a flow velocity of 0.45 m/s, without prefilter. The maximum values refer to a maximum setting of 8V (recommended power limit).  A prefilter (490 x 490 mm) is always integrated.

Unit Typical Maximum Remarks
Power supply 1P (V/Hz) 230/50 200-277/50-60
Power consumption (A/W) 0,48/110 0,93/215 TRU RMS Messung
Flow velocity (m/s) 0,45 0,85
Volume flow (m³/h) 1080 2040
Sound level (dB (A)) 50,5/48,5 57,5/55,5 0,5/1m distance to filter
Dimensions without primary filter (L/B/H) 1162/562/400* Incl. 50mm prefilter frame
Dimensions with primary filter (L/B/H)** 1170/570/470* Incl. 50mm prefilter frame
Weight motor unit (kg) 21
Weight filter (kg) 10,5
Control (V) 6 8 power limit
Rotational speed (U/min) 950 1250 power limit
Static / chamber pressure (Pa) 320/200 Delta P H14 120 Pa
Test port*** Tube 4-6mm
Aerosol delivery*** 6mm fixed connection
Connection system*** Push-fit Wago system
Balancing quality G 2,5 dyn / static
Impeller 350 mm radial rgk
Labelling CE

*plus 30mm with a prefilter of 490x490x50mm (WxDxH)

** dimensions with RSC adapter frame 1170x570x500mm (WxDxH)

*** standard configuration

We mainly use the tried-and-tested TC 350 EC 1157 fan unit when building our own cleanrooms and facilities for our international customers. However, due to the solid and proven construction, the high reliability and ease of handling, we also offer this filter fan unit in the standard edition described above for sale throughout Europe.

TOP quality made in Germany!

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Available of course from stock at short notice:

  • Filter Fan Unit TC 350 EC 1157 (motor unit)
  • Primary filter H14 with frame
  • Primary filter H14 for RSC adapter frame
  • RSC adapter frame (for tool-free filter changes, ‘room side change’)
  • Prefilter G4

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