Cleanroom Booths and Cleanroom Tents

Cleanroom Booths Based on a Modular System Design

We are your competent and experienced contact for the planning, manufacture, assembly, outfitting and operation of modular cleanroom booths and cleanroom tents of ISO 9 to ISO 3 (EN ISO 14644-1) standards. Single and double-skin wall systems as well as variable ceiling elements allow us to offer well-thought-out spatial solutions, independent room planning and almost any room size. The flexible modular design guarantees speedy and easy installation as well as high reusability. This is particularly important should the plant need to be modified at a later stage or if the cleanroom needs to be moved completely. Flush-fitting construction and specially selected sealing components create an excellent air and particle barrier, even with large variations in pressure. The use of different materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and glass ensure a high-quality surface for our BMF cleanroom booths, making them both easy to clean and attractive.

Integrated Concepts for the Cleanroom

In order to make you an offer tailored to your needs, we will work with you to create a specification sheet based on a questionnaire. A thorough appraisal and analysis of the existing situation on site, taking into account commercial and economic considerations, will lead to an integrated spatial concept including ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Experienced field staff are available throughout the German-speaking regions for a no-obligation consultation. After acceptance and commissioning of the cleanroom booth, and within the defined time limits, a number of particle measurements are taken [at rest, in operation] for the monitoring and documentation of the cleanroom class to be achieved. These become part of the detailed plant documentation. You will be able to permanently monitor and control the cleanroom infrastructure installed with our range of sophisticated monitoring systems for different requirements.

Naturally, we also offer multi-level operating concepts for the operation, servicing and maintenance of cleanrooms in addition to their planning, building and furnishing.  You will find professionally designed and produced furnishings for the cleanroom and for personnel airlocks on