Cleanroom Clothing (single use, multiple use)

Cleanroom Clothing for the Highest Degree of Sterility

In addition to the requirements for air quality, which should be as free from particles as possible, cleanrooms also place extremely high requirements on professional and work wear of the personnel working there. The protection offered by suitable cleanroom clothing is by no means only about protecting people from the dangers of the specific conditions in the cleanroom. Instead, the object and purpose of such a clothing concept is rather to protect the cleanroom and the products there from contamination from people (skin cells, droplets, dust etc.) and their street clothing as much as possible.

There is cleanroom clothing for single use or for multiple use. It is mostly made from lint-free, synthetic high-tech fibres that keep particles back and that (if required) do not build up an electrostatic charge (for example ESD clothing with conductive carbon). They reduce wear and thus guarantee sterile working to comply with the highest hygiene demands.