Environmental Protection and Recyclability

We are conscious of the fact that with our actions, we carry a responsibility to protect and preserve vital natural resources. That is why we would like to achieve our economic goals while taking ecological matters into consideration. Environmental protection, occupational safety and risk provisioning are essential components of company policy, helping us to live up to our repsonsibility for present and future generations.

Our staff are obliged to use the available resources economically and thus contribute significantly to avoiding and reducing environmental impacts. We regard compliance with environmental and working condition laws as a matter of course.

We are always ready for voluntary inspections in form of environmental audits, thus checking compliance with legal obligations and internal, organisational and technical implementation of measures concerning environmental aspects.

Our internal environmental management includes essentially:

– Documentation of environmental protection within the company (causes, measures, goals)

– Regular monitoring and if necessary redefinition of environmental goals and operational principles

– Energy management

– Avoiding materials and processes that are damaging to the environment

– Use of raw materials (selecting long-lasting and recyclable materials)

– Recyclability and disposal

– Reducing noise pollution