Floor coverings

Depending on the nature and suitability of the floor covering in place on location, it may be sufficient to install a cleanroom without fitting another floor covering. Sealed, coated surfaces such as epoxy resin floors may be suitable. For a conclusive answer to this, age and care condition of the floor covering in place will need to be taken into account.

Should this not be suitable, generally high-quality PVC, rubber or linoleum floors with optional continuous coving [-> optimised cleaning] will be used.

A cleanroom floor is a smooth and seamless covering. Good wear resistance is especially important. The chosen covering must be very hard and of high mechanical and chemical resistance. The present or intended floor covering must be impervious to fluids and suitable for cleaning with abrasives. Further important qualities are sufficient anti-slip qualities, colour fastness, UV- and temperature resistance.

Since we are a comprehensive provider for turnkey rooms, the specialist laying of cleanroom floors naturally forms part of BMF’s scope.