Functions of Material Airlocks

Depending on material, weight and size, the transfer of materials may take place through floor-depth material airlocks [with a choice of swing doors, high-speed doors or a shutter system] or through material hatches built into the wall system.

All systems are used for the targeted transfer of materials into and out of the cleanroom in a cleanroom-appropriate way. It is important to ensure that the cleanroom atmosphere remains stable with no loss of pressure or contamination.

For material hatches and material airlocks the doors should be interlocking either mechanically or electromagnetically [no simultaneous opening of both doors, equivalent to personnel airlocks].

Both material hatch systems and material airlocks also have to feature cleanroom-appropriate construction and surface qualities, making them easy to clean. BMF Cleanroom Technology’s (BMF Reinraumtechnik GmbH) airlock systems are manufactured exclusively from stainless steel and aluminium.