Functions of Personnel Airlocks

The personnel airlock, placed either outside or inside the cleanroom, forms the absolutely necessary barrier to ensure cleanroom-appropriate in-and-out traffic of staff.

The biggest contamination risk and therefore a danger to cleanliness are people. Hence, a sufficiently dimensioned and equipped personnel airlock is essential. As the airlock also serves for maintaining the necessary pressure cascades, the doors are always interlocked electromagnetically. This locking mechanism ensures that only one of the two doors can be opened at a time. Generally, there is a traffic signal control [red/green] in each door frame indicating the actual status of a door.

The cleanroom class, the number of staff in the cleanroom and the selected clothing concept will dictate the size and facilities of the personnel airlock.

What equipment is needed for a personnel airlock?

In most airlocks, the bench for shoe changing (swing over) plays a vital role. This bench is usually placed as a room divider and at the same time serves as a shoe rack, that is it creates a clear spatial division between the different clean areas [grey/white].

Other furnishings used in the airlock are a coatrack, dispensers and discard systems as well as provisioning cupboards for one-way and re-useable clothing and consumables.