Modular room systems

Location? Size? Cost? Variability? Extensibility?

These questions and many more are on most of our customers’ minds.

New products, new processes, higher quality requirements and new customers. There are many reasons for beginning to think about the acquisition of a controlled room or cleanroom. In order to meet tougher quality requirements, the creation of a ‘pure’ production environment is almost the only long-lasting and efficient solution.

The installation of a controlled room or a classifiable cleanroom including controlled personnel and material airlocks does not have to mean an elaborately constructed and costly investment!

Our room-in-room solutions in a modular design system are a high-quality, pressure-tight and above all flexible and cost-effective solution for creating a room structure of one or more parts. You are free to adjust length, width and height of the room’s dimensions to your needs; the self-supported installation and positioning allows for problem-free changes at a later stage or for redesigning the system room by adding additional walls or doors for example. Not only can the size of the room be adjusted to new requirements at any time, it can also be disassembled without any damage and rebuilt elsewhere. This is a notable advantage especially in rented rooms or when converting the use of an area.

Our own single or double-skin wall and ceiling elements are the starting point for our rooms. These are flush-mounted, scratch-resistant and therefore extremely easy and quick to clean.  The use of powder-coated steel surfaces, aluminium or stainless steel allows for the use of all typical cleanroom cleaners and disinfectants (isopropyl alcohol etc.). Single, damaged wall elements can be replaced quickly and cost-effectively. Part-glazed wall areas offer a certain sense of well-being for the staff in the controlled or cleanroom and allow for the often necessary or desired view of the outside.