Personnel Airlocks

Personnel Airlocks for Cleanrooms

The atmosphere and air quality required in a cleanroom are constantly put under strain by people as the main source of particles and as safety hazards. Well-thought-out clothing concepts protect the cleanroom and the products processed there from human contamination (skin cells, droplets, dust etc.).

All necessary items of clothing are stored in the personnel airlock and put on when passing through to the cleanroom. After leaving the cleanroom, the worn reusable cleanroom clothing is hung up in the suitable furniture system, while disposable materials and one-way clothing have to be disposed of in suitable waste and disposal systems.

The nature and extent of the airlock furnishings depends on the existing cleanroom class, the implemented clothing concept and the clothing used.

Within our standard product range you will find a variety of furnishings for personnel airlocks. Apart from stainless steel (brushed surface), we also process aluminium, melamine, solid core and HPL. Often, different materials are combined. However, this depends on the industry you work in and your preferences.